Carjacking and shootout caught on camera in Burien

VIDEO: Video of violent carjacking in Burien

KIRO 7 obtained the video of a violent carjacking and shootout in Burien on Sunday evening.

Investigators say two of the suspects are 16-years-old and in custody. They are searching for the third teen.

The video shows a Burien man leaning into his SUV in his driveway. A black car drives up and two suspects get out. One of them points a gun at the man in the RAV4.

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The carjacking victim is pulled from the car, then he pulls out his own gun. Investigators say he has a concealed pistol license. The victim fires at the suspects, they shoot back as he hides behind his other car in the driveway. Eventually the suspects take his SUV, and one suspect drives away in the black car.

Detectives say the same suspects robbed two gas stations in Bellevue later that night. Bellevue police arrested two 16-year-olds, with the help of a K9 who found one teen hiding in a greenbelt and bit him. A third suspect got away.


Bellevue police arrested two 16-year-olds after a crime spree they say started with a carjacking in Burien. They are looking for a third teen.

Investigators say the trio carjacked a Burien father as he waited in his driveway for his family to come outside Sunday evening. The incident was caught on the victim's surveillance camera.

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The suspects put a gun in his face and demanded the keys to his Toyota RAV4. He retreated and pulled out his own gun and fired at the suspects. The suspects shot back as he hid behind another car in his driveway.

Investigators say no one was hit by gunfire.

According to detectives the teens were driving the stolen RAV4 when they robbed a 76 gas station in Bellevue's Overlake area around 8 p.m. Sunday.  An employee told me KIRO 7 the suspects wore masks and put a gun to the clerk's head and demanded his car keys.

Minutes later, they robbed a Shell station along 148th Avenue Northeast in the Kelsey Creek neighborhood.  Another employee called 911 and police arrived while the suspects were still inside. Officers caught one teen right away. A dog was brought in to locate the second suspect who was found hiding in a swampy area, according to police. They are still working to identify and locate a third suspect.

Bellevue police are investigating if the suspects are connected to two robberies of convenience stores early Saturday morning in Renton and near Auburn.