Task force presents recommendations to city council on use of force by Seattle, state police

A Seattle task force presented 15 recommendations on the use of force by Seattle and state police to city officials Wednesday morning.

SEATTLE — A Seattle task force presented 15 recommendations on the use of force by Seattle and state police to city officials Wednesday morning.

The task force, consisting of community members and former and current police officers, spent the past year looking into police incidents to create the recommendations that were presented to the Seattle Police Department and the city Wednesday morning.

Of 16,000 calls for Seattle police over the last 18 months, the department said that 320 involved the use of force.

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The task force's recommendations included creating a statewide, independent group to investigate use of force incidents as well as a statewide office to track and analyze them. It also suggested creating a fund to support families of people involved in use of force incidents and creating a timeframe for those investigations.

There is no current binding plan to make these into ordinances or law, but the task force said they would like to see these recommendations adopted by the city and later used as a benchmark for the state.

The city council committee that heard these recommendations said they want to hear a plan to implement before making any legislation. They also added it wouldn't make it into the current budget cycle.