Tacoma resident lives with effects of crash that sent 2 vehicles crashing into her property

A Tacoma resident said she's still living with the effects of a severe crash that sent two large vehicles careening onto her property.

Damage from that incident is still evident, as the woman spoke to KIRO 7's Ranji Sinha and told him that it started with a stolen truck.

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LaQawzia Unique Smith said this fence enclosed her entire yard until two vehicles came crashing onto her lawn and caused all this damage.

"It was a normal night, and then we heard a really loud crash, said Smith.

It was a collision that tore her fence from the ground and spread debris and car parts across her yard.

"I look outside, there is a lady, she's crying and hysterical," Smith said.

Smith looked outside and saw that a semitrailer plowed into her property -- pushing a pickup truck into her and her spouse's cars.

"It was really scary, it was really loud, it was a mess," Smith said.

That was the night of Dec. 18. Smith said she made it through Christmas, New Year's and started a new job, but she still has the same mess.

She took photos and videos that night, when she says the person in the pickup got out after the crash and ran from police.

"It was insane, really really insane.... I am really lucky it didn't hit the house and I am lucky my dogs weren't outside," Smith said.

Nobody else was hurt, but the damage was done -- and has not gone away: The couple's cars are smashed and not fit for driving.

Her garage took a hit -- it's still standing, but with a major dent, her home got hit with flying debris, and there are still car parts in her yard.

She doesn't blame anyone but the person who allegedly stole a vehicle and crashed into a semitrailer causing the catastrophe, and she wonders where to go from here and if anyone may help.

"It's just really surreal, it's odd, it's weird, it's crazy -- and when I come home every day I am like, 'Wow! Look at my yard,'" Smith said.