Tacoma Public Schools to delay start of in-person learning

Tacoma Public Schools to delay start of in-person learning

TACOMA, Wash. — Tacoma schools will not start bringing students back for in-person learning next week, the district announced Thursday.

Tacoma Public Schools were to start bringing students back to the classroom as soon as Monday, Sept. 28.

Officials said districts received guidance this week from the state Department of Labor and Industries around the types of personal protective masks required for school employees who work in schools with students.

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During safety testing of the district’s N95 masks, the district discovered many masks did not pass the safety standards. Also, the district learned more information about school operations could come out next week.

In response, the district will now delay the start of in-person learning.

Staff must wear a higher level of personal protective masks than previously planned and communicated, the district said.

The district already has contracted a training-and-fitting vendor.

“We will keep our employees, families and community informed as we continue to get greater understanding from the various agencies,” the district said.