Tacoma police chief to unveil new plan to reduce crime in the city

TACOMA, Wash. — As Tacoma residents grapple with rising violence, police chief Avery Moore is set to unveil his crime reduction plan on Tuesday.

Moore says the plan will provide specific solutions to deter violent crime and help him accomplish his goal of making Tacoma the safest city in the country.

Residents say the plan is needed now, more than ever.

Just days ago, a 14-year-old girl was shot and killed. And the week before, 14 people were shot in just two days.

“I’m not really afraid, but I know you’re not safe here, really,” said Angela Stewart, a Tacoma resident. “I don’t feel safe.”

Chief Moore first told KIRO 7′s Kevin Ko about his comprehensive plans for the city at the beginning of the year.

“The police can’t deal with crime, reduce crime by ourselves,” said Moore. “It’s going to take a collective effort from everybody.”

It’s a three-phase plan, according to The News Tribune.

Phase One includes hot-spot and high-visibility policing. Patrols will be centered in areas of high crime during busy hours. Some officers are already doing so.

Phase Two is “place-based improvements.” This will focus on finding repeat, violent offenders and knowing where they are planning crimes.

Phase Three is “focused deterrence,” where TPD will form partnerships with community members and organizations.

Residents who spoke with KIRO 7 were most supportive of this specific phase.

“If a cop told me to do something, I’d probably tell him to shove it. But if my peers came to me, I probably would think,” said Angela Stewart. “Plus, they know me better.”

The complete crime reduction plan will be unveiled Tuesday at noon during a Tacoma City Council study session.