Tacks again found on popular bike trail

In what may be another act of sabotage, bicyclists have found more nails or tacks on a popular bike trail.

Tacks were first found in September when dozens of bicyclists reported that they were getting flat tires from small upholstery nails that seemed to have been tossed onto the bike track that runs along Westlake Avenue by South Lake Union.

Now, nails have been found further north, in Fremont, along the Burke-Gilman Trail.

The latest incidents are being reported on a Facebook page for the Ballard-Greenways neighborhood.

Someone said they'd seen the nails on two occasions on the Burke-Gilman Trail near Hale's Ales Brewery.

In September, reporter Jeff Dubois talked to bike specialists at Fremont's Recycled Cycles, who were seeing as many as ten flat tires a day because of those little nails.

“(It) kind of makes you wonder if someone is taking their grievances to the street and throwing tacks out there to sabotage everyday drivers,” said Max Rogan-Goddard of Fremont's Recycled Cycles.

The Seattle Department of Transportation had maintenance crews sweep the path back in September and a report was filed with police, but it is not known if it was an intentional act.

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