SUV recovered in deadly hit-and-run, WSP searches for driver

ISSAQUAH, Wash. — The Washington State Patrol recovered the SUV they said struck and killed Kevin Lozoya, 21, as he walked from a party in Issaquah last month.

Investigators from the WSP Crime Lab were searching the vehicle Wednesday morning, looking for evidence to help them track down the driver.

The white 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee was found abandoned down an embankment off SR 900 about four miles from the site of the accident.

Someone called 911 to report a car in the bushes; they were unaware it was connected to the deadly hit-and-run, WSP said.

Investigators had already determined the vehicle that hit Lozoya was a 1993-1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee because a shattered headlight cover was found at the accident site.

While the accident happened in Issaquah, the Washington State Patrol is handling the investigation.

Troopers are tracking down the owner of the SUV and it is taking some time because the vehicle had previously been abandoned in Seattle and then sold recently at an auction. It does not have any plates or temporary registration tags.

Detectives have been interviewing people who attended the party and who witnessed the accident. They are confident they will find the driver responsible for the vehicular homicide.

Lozoya grew up in Issaquah and attended Issaquah High School. He also attended Bellevue College and recently transferred to college in Denver. He was in Issaquah over Memorial Day weekend to go to a surprise party for a friend.

Lozoya's mother is desperate for investigators to find the driver.

“I’m praying and I’m hoping they find the person who killed my son,” Grisel Lozoya said, “I’m begging for justice. It’s hard to live with this pain.”

“Please, [my son] deserves to rest in peace, at least give me that peace too," she said. "Right now [the driver] is in the streets maybe he can kill another kid.”

Anyone with information should contact the Washington State Patrol, Detective Brody Ford at 425-401-7742 or .