• Summer to End Hunger Campaign raised tens of thousands of dollars for community in need

    By: Patranya Bhoolsuwan


    SEATTLE - Our first-ever "Summer to End Hunger" Campaign is already putting food on the table.

    KIRO 7 teamed up with Food Lifeline and QFC to address hunger needs across Western Washington.

    The KIRO 7's "Summer to End Hunger" campaign raised over $49,000.

    That translates into nearly 200,000 meals that will serve over 300 food banks across Western Washington.

    “We have more than 300,000 kids who are on free and reduced lunch,” said Mark Coleman with Food Lifeline. “And what happens during the summer is that they don’t get those meals so the food banks try to step up their programs and when the food banks step up, we step up.”

    Donations came in from both the campaign's page on the Food Lifeline website and also money donated by shoppers at QFC.

    The QFC store that raised the most funds in June was the one in North Bend, where customers gave over $7,000.

    Food Lifeline's mission is also fueled by donations of food from farmers, distributors and retailers that would otherwise likely go to waste.

    If you want to help donate, Food Lifeline is still accepting donations through this link.

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