• Stolen items recovered in Interbay RV

    By: Amy Clancy


    SEATTLE - In early December, Brooke Barnes reported to police, and to KIRO 7, that his warehouse on 17th Avenue Northwest, in Seattle’s Interbay neighborhood, had been burglarized.

    Among the many missing items were 11 classic motorcycles, antiques and military medals.

    >> Original Story: Warehouse in Interbay burglarized by squatters 

    According to investigative documents filed this week in King County Superior Court, a witness came forward on Dec. 28 and told Seattle Police Department officers he saw "suspects carrying a flatscreen television" out of Barnes' building in the 3200 block and then "placing it inside the Winnebago.”

    When Barnes and an officer looked inside that Winnebago, which is described as being tan with brown stripes, they discovered two of Barnes' stolen horse saddles and assorted motorcycle parts, but nothing else.

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    “There’s a lot missing,” Barnes told KIRO 7 on Tuesday. The long-time Seattle business and bar owner said he isn’t surprised that some of his items had been stashed inside an RV just a block away from his warehouse.

    There are many RVs parked along 17th Avenue Northwest, adjacent to the site of Tent City 5, which has since moved.

    “It’s about a block away. It’s called ‘Robbers Row,’” Barnes said about the RVs parked up and down the street. “It grew very quickly after the tented camp came here.”

    Barnes experienced no problems with Tent City 5 residents, but “the RV people are so different than people that are actually vetted to get into the tented camps.  We’ve had a terrible experience.”

    The Winnebago that held the stolen items is no longer parked nearby. On Tuesday, KIRO 7 asked the Seattle Police Department for an update on the investigation, but was told the detective could not be reached.

    It’s not known whether there have been any arrests or where the RV that held Barnes’ stolen items is now.

    He’s just glad it’s gone.

    “This was a heartbreak. This was a big loss,” Barnes said. “We will never recover fully from this loss, and it means nothing to the people who broke in. That’s the sad thing.”

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