State Patrol to conduct emphasis patrols for ferry line cutters

EDMONDS, Wash. — As driver line-cutting continues to be a problem at state ferry terminals, Washington State Ferries is teaming up with the Washington State Patrol for a new educational campaign and emphasis patrols.

The patrols come as the Washington State Department of Transportation announced it was ending its “764-HERO” program later this month. The phone number allows drivers to report carpool lane violators as well as drivers cutting in ferry lines.

With WSDOT hanging up the program, troopers will conduct emphasis patrols in ferry lines and while working to educate drivers.

If troopers decide to issue a ticket, the fine is $139. While the fine is not new, with the death of the “764-HERO” program, line-cutting will be more strictly enforced

Enforcement will be random, but the busy Fauntleroy, Edmonds, Kingston and Mukilteo terminals will be patrolled more often than other terminals.