Starbucks launching trial program where customers can get reusable cups, return them to the store

SEATTLE — Starbucks is launching a trial program in Seattle where customers can order drinks in a reusable cup and then return the cup later to be cleaned and put back in circulation.

Customers place their regular beverage orders in-person, at a drive-thru or in the Starbucks app and have the option to select a reusable cup. When they’re done, they scan their cup at the contactless return kiosk at the store.

The program requires a $1 deposit that is refunded once the cup gets returned. People would also get a $1 credit to the Starbucks Rewards account and 10 bonus stars.

Starbucks partnered with GO Box to collect the cups, clean and sanitize them and get them back in circulation within 48 hours.

Customers can also use the company Ridwell, a home pickup service, to recycle the cups.

The program runs from April 6 to May 31 at five Seattle locations.