SPD investigating four fireworks left at bike lane construction site

SEATTLE — Detectives with the Seattle Police Department arson and bomb squad are investigating four fireworks left at a construction site for a controversial bike lane project in Wedgwood.

Police said the consumer fireworks were discovered by workers on the morning of July 23.

A photo obtained by KIRO 7 shows one of the fireworks placed in the opening of a fuel tank.

"It's a very serious investigation for us, and while we're not sure what the motive is, we do know the placement did create a degree of concern from the construction workers," said Sgt. Sean Whitcomb, of the Seattle Police Department.

The construction equipment was part of a project to repave 35th Avenue Northeast, take away some street parking and add bike lanes.

Whitcomb said a police report indicated the worker who reported the fireworks told officers "the project was facing opposition from the public and he frequently received verbal abuse from passersby."

The Seattle Department of Transportation said traffic counters placed across the street have been repeatedly cut.

Bike lanes are being built across Seattle, but the debate in Wedgwood has been especially fierce.

In June, neighbors held dueling demonstrations, with people against the bike lanes holding red signs and supporters holding green signs.

Liam Bradshaw is one of the supporters.

"There's a huge amount of fear being whipped up over this project," Bradshaw said Friday.

A statement sent to KIRO 7 by opponents of changing the street configuration read, "The Save 35th Ave Northeast coalition does not support or condone any illegal or uncivil behavior."

"We reject the repeated suggestion that our coalition comprised of 4,100 concerned taxpaying citizens, 50 small businesses, and four NE community councils have had anything to do with reported illegality," the statement read.

SDOT said it has moved the construction staging site and is coordinating with police on other precautionary measures.

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