SoDo RV fire spreads to nearby warehouse

SEATTLE — Seattle fire officials are investigating what caused an RV fire in SoDo that spread to a nearby warehouse.

The fire started near Colorado Avenue South and South Hanford Street at about 7 p.m. Wednesday night.

The two people living inside the RV made it out in time.

The business owner told KIRO 7 he has begged the city numerous times to do something about the RVs parked next to his building, but nothing has been done.

Over the past year, KIRO 7 has been investigating the fire dangers of RVs parked in that neighborhood, where there have been numerous RV fires.

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Most businesses in SoDo have no lot lines and some RVs are parking within a foot of buildings.

One fire under the Spokane Street Viaduct  killed a man in November.

Seattle fire Chief Harold Scoggins told KIRO 7 the fires are putting the public and firefighters at risk.

“There are many challenges when our firefighters face the RV fires.  Lot of unknowns.  It depends on what the RV is being used for, how it’s been modified,” said Scoggins.

The SODO Business Improvement Area has complained to the city about the fire and biohazard problems associated with the hundreds of RVs parked in that part of town.

KIRO 7 spoke with the executive director of that group last night.  She said Wednesday night's RV fire is just one more example of what she's been warning the city about.