Snowstorm depleting some local hardware stores

VIDEO: Snowstorm causes depletion of supplies at hardware stores

KING COUNTY, Wash. — This historic snowstorm prompted a run on supplies that depleted the stock of some hardware stores.

But not all of them.

It likely comes as no surprise that supplies at hardware stores have been running low given how much snow people are still dealing with.

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The “out of stock” sign says it all. Snow supplies are pretty low at this Stoneway Hardware in Wallingford.

“We had shovels, snow shovels, other implements to remove the snow with,” said Aaron Ziegler, a Stoneway sales associate.

But no more. Ziegler showed just how much is gone.

“We had some sleds over here,” said Ziegler, pointing to an empty space, “and ‘ice melting’ stuff right here. And we are down to literally these two items (shovels) that would help anybody get rid of ice, and that’s about it. That’s it.”

“I think it’s the last one in the store,” said Catherine Manzo, laughing while holding tightly to one of the two shovels.

Like so many others, Manzo said she still has a lot of snow to push away.

“We felt like we did an OK job on our sidewalk yesterday with a push broom, but it’s definitely going to get icy unless we get the rest of it up,” she said.

Did she say push broom?

“Yeah,” she said, laughing. “Actually, like a mini one, too, that we normally use to scrub our back porch from bird poop. So yeah, that’s what we were using yesterday to push the snow.”

It perhaps goes without saying that at times like this, you use what you’ve got.

McClendon’s Hardware in White Center was still pretty well-stocked with snow supplies.

“We’ve got the ice melters — the three different choices, four different choices,” said Adam Andrews, assistant manager.

He said the store got a big delivery last week, trusting the snowy forecast. But the store is running low on some things, too.

“Yes, I have no snow shovels right now,” said Andrews. “None. Completely. Hopefully, we’ll get some this week, a little bit.”

Ken McNett of West Seattle was lucky. All he wanted was some ice melt.

“We got a big deck — a long, 65-foot deck,” McNett said, holding three hefty bags. “I’ve got to get the ice off. It gets pretty slick in the snow.”

In fact, both stores ended their operations early Sunday. Stoneway shuttered its doors because it had run out of snow supplies, and McClendon’s closed so that its workers could get home safely.

But they will both be open again Monday — come what may.