Snow supplies selling out; customers already reserving for next shipment

VIDEO: Stores cleared of supplies

If you're looking for shovels or deicer before the next round of snow, you may have to get in line.

Some local hardware store shelves are bare and in some places, the entire next shipment is already being reserved by hundreds of customers.

"All the deicer and the salt crystals, rock salt, things like that, that's all gone," said McClendon's Hardware employee Greg Lund. "People used up their supply and they need more. Plus, they're talking about the new hit on Friday, so they need to be ready for that."

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With all this stubborn ice sticking around before the next big storm, all the deicer, shovels and the rock salt stores had before the last storm went very quickly.

Many stores told KIRO 7 they hope to get a big shipment of deicing products in Thursday or maybe Friday.

"There's 800 bags coming and I'll bet they'll be gone before 10," said Lund.

And store managers expect all the deicer to be sold before it hits the shelves.

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