Snow strikes north Kitsap County

VIDEO: Winter weather wreaks havoc in Kitsap County

KITSAP COUNTY, Wash. — Poulsbo firetruck tires are chained up and ready to go.

The snow has been relentless in north Kitsap County, which is why first responders geared up for another hectic night.

“Between a period of about 9 p.m. Tuesday to 3 a.m. Wednesday, we had 17 calls,” said Poulsbo Fire Department Battalion Chief Justin Zeigler.

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On Wednesday, roadways turned into ice rinks.

In some spots, the city shut down streets to avoid weather-related wrecks.

“When this happens, it’s a heavy, wet snow, and it gets slick,” said Zeigler.

The Courters are among dozens who tried to take the closed route, then had to turn around.

“We’re out for a trip to the grocery store and headed right back home,” said Donna Courter.

They’re not fans of the snow.

“I hate it. I’m so sore today from shoveling my driveway,” said Kerry Courter.

“All I can say is I’m grateful I’m retired now, so I can stay home and I can do jigsaw puzzles and I can quilt and I can just enjoy retirement,” said Donna Courter.

Others didn’t seem to mind the winter weather.

Downtown stayed busy as people bundled up and braved the snow.

“I think it’s beautiful looking at these trees around us. I think, if everybody could stay safe, why not enjoy it for the little bit we get it each year?” said Zeigler.

However, farther north the weather caused problems. A tree that fell blocked driveways and took power lines out with it.

Crews quickly responded, but because of the weather, they’re stretched thin.

"It seems like we’ve got more snow this year than we have in a long time,” said Kerry Courter.

First responders recommend people stay off the roadways if they can.