Snohomish locals give opinions on former President Donald Trump’s indictment

Former President Donald Trump has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury.

“That’s insane I’m surprised it actually happened,” Ave Cryer, who lives in Snohomish County, said. With this unprecedented move, many are wondering what happens.

“I just read that a few minutes ago and I’m processing that actually,” Kendra Montgomery, who also lives in Snohomish County, said.

The former district attorney for Pierce County, Mark Lindquist, said this is uncharted territory.

“When you’re dealing with a former president of the United States who has a Secret Service detail, I suspect this is going to be handled much differently than anything we’ve seen in the past,” Lindquist said.

Lindquist explained that Trump will be arraigned next week and that is when the indictment will be unsealed.

“They’re not going to get him on anything and he’s going to be president again,” Frank Prado, a Snohomish County resident, said.

Lindquist said this could be an uphill battle for the Manhattan DA.

“There’s going to be a perception that it’s a political prosecution,” he said. “Number two there’s a statute of limitation potentially because this all happened or at least it began in 2016 and the statute of limitations for most felony crimes, including tax evasion is three years.”

Lindquist also said this could help resolve some issues like what protections a former president does or does not have.

“I’m someone that wants to see him get in some trouble, I’m not like oh poor Trumpy, Trump, quite the opposite,” Joen Weil said. “I’m like good.”