• Sherman: ‘We don't have a reason to trust the NFL'


    Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says football players do not have a reason to trust the NFL.

    Sherman opened up in a column and video on The Players Tribune – about what he calls a huge issue many players talk about behind closed doors.

    “As we players are to this game, it’s getting more and more difficult to ignore the fact that we don’t have a league that shows the same kind of dedication when it comes to taking care of the players who are laying their bodies on the line every Sunday,” Sherman wrote.

    Some of best players on the Seahawks are on the Week 4 injury report: running back Thomas Rawls, tight end Jimmy Graham, and quarterback Russell Wilson are all on the list. Read the full list here.

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    In the video by The Players Tribune, Sherman expands on the NFL “using the players up” on more ways than people’s physical sacrifices.

    “If you can increase their bottom line, they’ll love you. They do everything they can to put you out more, to market you, to make sure the fans buy your jersey, to put your jersey out to make them more money,” he said. “If you’re not making them money, at the end of the day, they’re going to find someone else … We [as players] really don’t have a reason to trust the NFL, and I don’t think they mind either way.”  

    Sherman says he joined the union so he could inform players in a “better way” than the NFL.

    “As our union gets stronger, and as we get more informed, I think we are are going to continue to move forward and make our game stronger and make the interest of the players more known so the league doesn’t abuse its power.”

    Sherman spoke about the NFL on The Players Tribune’s video series called “Tuesdays with Richard on Thursday.” The series will feature Sherman throughout the 2016 season with his point-of-view on issues on and off the field.

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