Man arrested after shots fired, carjacking that ended in crash on I-5 after police chase

VIDEO: Carjacking led to police chase

A man has been arrested after shots were fired at a Lynnwood Dollar Tree and a carjacking ended with a crash on SB I-5 on Wednesday afternoon.

Court documents obtained by KIRO 7 on Thursday named 38-year-old Harry Nettleton as the suspect.

Witnesses said they saw two vehicles come tearing through the Dollar Tree parking lot, located in the 13600 block of Mukilteo Speedway. A man was hanging out the side of a red sedan -- and he began firing shots in the direction of a nearby gas station. No one was hit by any of the shots.

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"I just feel my chest to see if I'm hit -- that was my only concern -- and then got out of the vehicle to make sure no one else was hit," said Jeremy Comer, who was heading into the store at the time.

Comer said he has no idea how everyone in the busy parking lot walked away without a scratch.

"It looked like something from the movies; they were chasing each other at a high rate of speed and I couldn't see what they were firing at," Comer said.

Comer believes he heard about eight shots in total before the man drove out of the parking lot.

Shortly after, Snohomish County deputies responded to a carjacking a few blocks away. According to police, Nettleton and an unidentified female got into a yellow taxi cab and pulled a gun, and the driver then got out of the cab. Nettleton then drove off in the stolen cab.

Deputies located the vehicle near I-5 and initiated a pursuit. The suspect began driving the wrong way on I-5 and officers ended the pursuit before resuming it again. Police had to use a pit maneuver to stop the car, and the chase ended with a crash at the entrance of the southbound HOV lanes on I-5 near Northgate.

Nettleton was taken into custody. There were no injuries.

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