• Sex harassment bills unanimously pass Senate

    By: Essex Porter


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Melissa Taylor described to lawmakers two weeks ago the harassment she suffered in her first job out of college.

    “We get invited to go to a strip club and then offered money when we don't want to go,” she said.

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    Today the state Senate unanimously passed sexual harassment measures.

    “I think both the #MeToo movement and the TimesUp program has really changed our culture. But you can't just talk about things; you have to do things too,” said lead sponsor Sen. Karen Kaiser.

    Senators voted to make it more difficult to force victims into silence with non-disclosure agreements or to use non-disclosure agreements to hide a history of sexual harassment.

    “Legal limits on non-disclosure agreements... have become a real device that has shut down discussion or even examination of sexual harassment in the workplace,” Kaiser said.

    Gov. Jay Inslee sees this as a beginning, but says more must be done.

    “There is not enough being done because we are going through a transition of peeling back 200 years of unacceptable behavior and a lot of work will remain to be done,” Inslee said.


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