Passengers recall ‘severe turbulence' that injured 5 on flight to Sea-Tac Airport

Generic Wikimedia Commons photo of a Compass Airlines flight operating at Delta Connection. Credit: Eric Salard. 

RENO, NV. — Two passengers and a flight attendant were injured Wednesday by severe turbulence on a flight bound for Sea-Tac Airport.

Officals at Reno-Taho International Airport said two additional passengers reported injuries, but declined to be taken to the hospital.

“It sounded like we hit two brick buildings at 30,000 feet,” said Dennis Smith, one of the 59 passengers on board.

Compass Airlines is a regional airline that operates on behalf of Delta Air Lines (as Delta Connection) and American Airlines. Click here to read more.

Airline officials said that Compass Airlines flight 5763, operating as Delta Connection from Orange County, California to Seattle diverted to Reno, Nevada after encountering "severe turbulence."

To hear the passengers’ description of what it was like – and to hear the air traffic control call -- watch the video below.

“The aircraft landed safely and customers exited normally through the main cabin door. Delta is making resources available to take care of and support our customers. We apologize for this experience as we work to get customers to Seattle,” Compass Airlines said in a statement.

A Compass Airline official said the three injured on the flight were being transported to a hospital in Reno. The extent of their injuries is not known at this time.

Compass is expected to bring a new aircraft to get passengers to Sea-Tac Airport. The flight is expected to depart at approximately 5:46 p.m. and arrive at Sea-Tac at 7:05 p.m.

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