Security added after burglar targets home in Bellevue neighborhood affected by landslide

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Police have stepped up security in a Bellevue neighborhood that was affected by a landslide and water main break after a burglar broke into one of the red-tagged homes.

Police said a homeowner came face to face with the thief.

The burglary comes after two people escaped from their home, which partially slid off its foundation and collapsed Monday. They were not the only ones affected, as dozens of other residents were also forced from their homes.

On Thursday, security was added to the area due to the break-in.

Police said they plan to monitor the site of the landside 24/7.

In a statement posted on the city of Bellevue’s website, interim police chief Wendell Shirley said: “While our officers have been patrolling the slide zone on every shift, we are pleased the city has authorized us to provide off-duty officers as another line of security.”

The slide rattled the Somerset neighborhood, inundating the area with water.

“I was catapulted, like out of bed. Like my ankle and my knee, I was thrown out of bed. The dress came down, the glass came down, everything came down,” said Barb Surdi, whose home collapsed in the landslide.

Investigators are still working to determine what caused the water main break and landslide, as well as which happened first.

“Insane, just insane. It’s crazy. I just don’t get it,” said John Surdi.

Throughout the day and Thursday night, some homeowners visited their homes to gather their belongings and to make sure things were secure.

The city said its top priority is to get people back in their homes once things are deemed safe.