Seattle woman named Best Barista in the country

VIDEO: Seattle woman named best barista in the country

A Seattle woman has just been named the “Best Barista” in the country.

Samantha Spillman, 26, took first place at the National Coffee Championship in Kansas City, Missouri last month.

Next week, she’s taking her skills to Boston to compete against more than 100 baristas in the world championships.

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“It was very emotional. I may start to tear up now,” said Spillman. “When they announced I was first, I was so shocked”.

Spillman is currently the head of training and development at Dillanos Coffee Roasters in Sumner.

Her colleagues said people knew Spillman was special, even back in her days behind the coffee bars.

“The customers just love her because she’s so enthusiastic,” said Phil Beattie, Director of Coffee at Dillanos. “That comes through in her eyes, her smile, and how she presents coffee.”

Dave Rand, Dillanos Coffee Roasters’ National Sales and Marketing Manager, agrees that Spillman’s strength is both her knowledge and her passion for coffee.

“She’s on fire. She’s unstoppable,” said Rand. “It’s fun to see someone who’s so passionate about something perform at that level.”

At the world competition, Spillman and her competitors will have 15 minutes to serve 12 drinks which include espressos, cappuccinos and signature beverages.

She said she’s worked hard to reach this stage in her career and she’s ready to become the first woman from the U.S. to take the title of best barista in the world.

“I am one of the most competitive people you will ever meet. I just want to be the best at anything I do,” said Spillman.

Images in this story are courtesy of Barista Magazine