• Seattle to remain sanctuary city, defy President-elect Trump

    By: Essex Porter


    SEATTLE -  

    Hundreds of people filled the lobby of Seattle City Hall Wednesday.

    They vowed that Seattle will continue to welcome undocumented immigrants who need sanctuary.

    “We have some of the best immigration rights here in the country here in our city and our state and we know that we can win even when the struggle seems hard,” said 7th District Representative-elect Pramila Jayapal. Jayapal founded the immigration rights group One-America. She said Seattle was the first in the nation to say it would not ask the immigration status of people seeking city services.

    It was an emotional time for many. Including an undocumented woman who drew inspiration from her undocumented mother's decision to go to work as usual today.

    “And while this might seem like an insignificant action, to me it was,” Wendy Martinez Hurtado said as choked-up. “Her action did two things for me, it was yet another example to me of strength of resiliency.”

    President-elect Trump has vowed to end sanctuary cities by cutting off their federal funding.

    But Seattle’s Mayor is defiant on this issue. Ed Murray said Seattle will remain a Sanctuary City even at the risk of millions of dollars in federal money.

    “It's important because these are our neighbors and we will continue to support our neighbors that's what community is about,” Murray said.

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