Seattle theaters add messages to their marquees to show support for racial equality

VIDEO: Seattle theatres add messages to their marquees to show support for racial equality

SEATTLE — The Seattle Theatre Group is expressing support for racial equality.

Their theaters have added messages in solidarity to their marquees.

The organization is prominently showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement at all three locations the Neptune, the Paramount and the Moore.

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“More than high time that we speak up and lend our voice as an arts organization here in Seattle,” said Josh LaBelle, Seattle Theatre Group executive director.

LaBelle said the theater stands in solidarity with the protesters fighting to end systemic racism. They are not only displaying their commitment, but they’re also reexamining their internal operations to reflect their support moving forward.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do on this continuing to becoming a racially equity -focused organization, and speaking up is a big part of this,” LaBelle said. “Who is on our stages? Who is in our theaters? Who is in our offices? This needs to be changed, and really the change starts with leaders like me.”

As STG’s leader, LaBelle is dedicated to making the arts accessible to everyone by diversifying their company, breaking down barriers and being advocates for change.

“Our vision is to be the people’s theater, a place where all are welcomed and represented," LaBelle said.

Moving forward, STG is focused on strategies to create a more inclusive organization, carefully examining what will facilitate its vision of equality.

“Far greater commitment to our local black community and communities of color, this is a time of reset,” LaBelle said.

In support of the Black Lives Matter silent march on Friday, Seattle Theatre Group is lighting up the marquees for the first time since it closed in March during the pandemic. It will help provide water and supplies to demonstrators.