School zones with the most delays in Seattle

SEATTLE — With the return of school comes increased traffic.

Seattle has a lot of traffic, so when you add school traffic to the existing commuter traffic, you get a lot of delays around school zones.

Bob Pishue, a transportation analyst from INRIX, collected data from more than 700 schools and found the five school zones with the most delays in Seattle:

  • Cleveland High School
  • Meany Middle School
  • Bailey Gatzert Elementary
  • Mercer International Middle School
  • Eckstein Middle School

KIRO 7 also asked Pishue what the busiest roads in Seattle were based on data from in-car navigation units, underground loop detectors, apps, and other devices.

He said the busiest roads in Seattle are:

  • Airport Way South
  • East Madison Street
  • 12th Avenue South
  • South Columbian Way
  • Northeast 75th Street