• Seattle Public Schools outperforms state in ELA and math

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    State test results released by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction showed that over a four-year period, Seattle Public Schools outperformed the state in grades 3-8 in both English/language arts and math.

    Preliminary results show that ELA proficiency has improved for every student group, including students of color, special education, English learners and low-income students. Results for math were mostly flat save for increases for Native American, multiracial and special education students.

    Additionally, a year-over-year improvement on ELA tests was seen at each grade level, and there were substantial improvements for sixth- and seventh-grade math.

     “While there is still work to be done in eliminating achievement gaps within the district, we are pleased to see that gaps are closing for many student groups,” superintendent Denise Juneau said. “As a high-performing urban school district, we evaluate our students on more than a single test score, but we can use these scores as an indication of where we need to improve and focus resources.”

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