Seattle police investigating rash of tires slashed downtown

VIDEO: Tires slashed after concert in Seattle

Seattle police are investigating after people parked downtown got their tires slashed Saturday night. At least some of the victims were parked in a lot near Denny Way and Broad Street.

Jessica Schalk lives in Tacoma. She says after leaving the Depeche Mode concert at Key Arena, they noticed something wrong.


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“We were trying to leave the parking lot and we were having trouble steering, and we pulled over and realized that both tires on the driver’s side were flat,” she said.

She pulled into a nearby gas station to get air and realized what happened.

“There were two other people who had the same thing and they had their tires slashed, and we looked at our tires and our tires were slashed too,” Schalk said.

Tim Spiech drove up to Seattle from Oregon for the concert.

“Part of my predicament is that I live in Portland,” Spiech said.

His tires also got slashed in the lot behind 7-11.

“I'm mad. It's never happened to me before. I've never had a vandalized car before, so it's kind of upsetting,” he said.

KIRO7’s Deedee Sun caught up with victims nearly an hour after the concert got out. All five of the victim's cars still in or near the lot had a gash from a blade on both driver's side tires.

Seattle police didn't have numbers Sunday on how many victims there are, but Schalk says she thinks there are more than five victims.

“I called AAA and there's a really long wait because apparently, this is happening all over downtown tonight,” she said. “This is insane. This should not be happening in Seattle. We should be able to go to a concert and then be able to leave.”

Her message for whoever did the damage?

“That was horrible. You're a mean horrible person,” Schalk said.

Seattle Police say they’ll have updated information on the number of victims Monday. They say not everyone reports slashed tires to police, but encourage you to report the crime.

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