• Seattle police chief candidates face questions

    By: Essex Porter


    SEATTLE - Interim Police Chief Carmen Best has spent 26 years with the Seattle Police Department, working her way up from patrol officer. At first, she was out of the running. Then, after another candidate dropped out, she was placed in the final three.

    When asked what changed between her and Mayor Durkan, Best said, “You know, let me just say this: I hold Mayor Durkan in high regard and I'm just appreciative to have the opportunity to come back in and to really work and to show people that I'm the best-qualified person to take on this job.”

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    Continuing progress under the police reform consent decree will be a crucial mission for whoever is named as police chief.

    Eddie Frizell is an inspector with the Minneapolis Police Department. He told us he experienced biased policing first-hand when off duty.

    When asked what he’s done to engage with communities who feel overpoliced and under-respected, he said, “I'm a part of that community, that's who I am, that's where I've been, that's where my roots come from.”

    Ely Reyes, the assistant chief of the Austin Police Department, said, “I think it's important to establish trust and legitimacy within the community, making sure that the officers understand their role in that.” 

    Durkan is talking with a former finalist about having that person join her office as an advisor on police reform. We asked Best if she has concerns about that. “Again, I haven't delved into any of those issues about what the role will be of other people or whatever else is coming out from the elected (officials).”

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