Seattle police bust major drug trafficking ring

VIDEO: Seattle police bust major drug trafficking ring

The Seattle Police Department said it busted a major drug trafficking ring responsible for supplying dealers in North Seattle and Shoreline.

Three people were arrested Thursday at homes in Shoreline and Mountlake Terrace, which were operating as bases for drug dealers, police said. Those suspects were part of the same drug ring.

Officials said the bust comes after a monthslong investigation by members of the Narcotics Unit, North Precinct Anti-Crime Team and Drug Enforcement Administration.

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Police recovered more than 3 kilograms of heroin, nearly 9 kilograms of methamphetamine, cocaine and approximately 69,000 oxycodone and fentanyl pills, officials said. They also found a stolen handgun, stolen rifle, ballistics vest and more than $113,000 cash.

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One of the suspects attempted to escape as officers were serving the warrants, police said. He jumped off a second-story balcony.

Police said another man tossed three 1-pound packages of meth out a window as officers searched the home.

A number of major seizures by Seattle police over the past couple of weeks have gotten drugs off the streets.

Police told KIRO 7 that most of the investigations are being sparked by community concerns.

“The public’s help in a case like this is invaluable. The initial tips that help us track those bread crumbs back to not only those people who are dealing and distributing drugs throughout the area,” Seattle police Detective Patrick Michaud said.

Officials told KIRO 7 that detectives are going after major suppliers, which is what sets the series of drug busts apart. It has resulted in multiple arrests in multiple neighborhoods.