Seattle police bodycam video shows arrest of repeat offender who threw coffee in toddler's face

VIDEO: Body cam video shows moment after man threw coffee on child

SEATTLE — Police body cam video obtained by KIRO 7 shows the July arrest of repeat offender Francisco Calderon after he threw coffee in the face of a 2-year-old boy who was visiting downtown Seattle with family from Florida.

The Seattle City Attorney's Office said Calderon, who has been arrested more than 70 times, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor assault charge and was sentenced to six months in jail for throwing coffee on the toddler.

Calderon has also been ordered to undergo mental health and chemical dependency evaluations to determine what treatment will be required once released from jail. It could include in-patient treatment.

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The city attorney's office said if Calderon does not complete treatment, a judge could move to reimpose an additional six months of jail time that was shaved off his sentence as part of the plea agreement.

The coffee was not reportedly hot enough to hurt the toddler, who did not need medical treatment. King County prosecutors declined to file felony charges and Calderon was charged with misdemeanor assault.

KIRO 7 asked the boy's father by phone Tuesday whether he believed the punishment fit the crime.

"I just want the man to get some help," said Daynard Butler. "Some mental help."

The newly released bodycam video showed Calderon detained, in handcuffs, following the July assault that happened on the sidewalk downtown near The Gap and Old Navy.

The 2-year-old is seen in his mother's arms as she spoke to police.

The boy had been in a stroller with his father just outside a nearby store as the mother and two other kids continued to shop. Court documents state Calderon had caused disturbances inside several downtown stores prior to the assault and had been following strangers on the street.

The police bodycam also showed Calderon, who had been released from jail less than 48 hours before the assault, speaking to an officer from the back of a cruiser, apparently still wearing King County Jail clothing.

"When I was walking by the baby, I tripped," said Calderon to officers on video. "Can I please have another chance to walk around?"