Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell orders city to phase out gas-powered leaf blowers

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell announced Friday the City of Seattle must transition from gas-powered leaf blowers to electric leaf blowers by 2027, according to a media release from the mayor’s office.

The city - which currently owns about 418 gas-powered blowers and 70 electric blowers - must develop a plan to phase out the gas-powered blowers over the next four years.

According to the mayor, starting July 2023, the City can only buy new leaf blowers that are electric, either plug-in or battery.

At least 50% of the city’s current stock of gas-powered leaf blowers must be phased out by 2025, 75% by 2026, and 100% by 2027.

“These gas-powered leaf blowers aren’t just a nuisance; they impact our neighborhoods – and the workers who operate them – through air and noise pollution,” said Mayor Harrell.

The City must also look into transitioning electric vehicles to allow for charging of leaf blowers in the field, identifying landscaping options that could reduce the need for leaf blowers, and upgrading electrical capacity at City facilities to support the new tools.