In wake of Harvey, more than 100 animals flown to Seattle for adoption

VIDEO: Dozens of dogs from Houston arrive at Boeing Field

The Seattle Humane Society is planning to take up to 100 dogs and 200 cats after Harvey-caused flooding in Houston, Texas.

Tropical Storm Harvey has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes, along with countless pets.

San Antonio's Animal Care Services Shelter is working with the Humane Society of the United States to clear out their shelter and make room for evacuated pets affected by Hurricane Harvey.  San Antonio Animal Care Services has taken in about 200 evacuated pets so far.

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Rescue group Wings of Rescue will fly pets from Texas to Boeing Field on Wednesday afternoon.


“Seattle Humane staff and volunteers, along with several other local shelters, will be waiting to receive the animals,” spokeswoman Amanda Anderson. “This is the first of several expected flights to Seattle to help shelters that are directly housing displaced pets outside of Houston.”

The Seattle Humane team will transport pets to a shelter in Bellevue, where they will be placed for adoption. Seattle Humane, which started in Seattle and is now located on the Eastside, also is organizing an emergency foster care orientation for perspective volunteers who can temporarily house pets from Texas. People who want to volunteer are asked to email

PAWS in Washington state is also asking people to consider fostering. Anyone interested can apply here.

Seattle Humane and Wings of Rescue does not expect to take pets separated from their owners.

“We want to stress that Wings of Rescue is transporting unclaimed and unwanted pets who were in the shelters prior to Harvey, our goal is to open up shelter room for the incoming pets so they can be quickly reunited with their owners! However there are literally thousands of pets coming into the shelters who face a grim future if we don't get them out of there fast,” Wings of Rescue wrote on its Facebook page.