Seattle declared anarchist city

VIDEO: DOJ officially names Seattle as 1 of 3 cities permitting violence, destruction

It was 6 square blocks in Seattle that covered 142 square miles, but for Attorney General William Barr, the Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone symbolized everything he thinks is wrong with Seattle’s approach to civil unrest.

“Violent rioters and anarchists have hijacked protests to wreak senseless havoc,” he testified before Congress.

Seattle Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal is on the Judiciary committee, where Barr testified in July. We asked what she thinks of Barr declaring Seattle an anarchist jurisdiction.

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“It’s ridiculous. First of all, it’s unconstitutional. He can’t politicize funding.”

In a statement, Barr blames Mayor Durkan for allowing anarchists to create CHOP. Barr cites that police and firefighters were banned from entering the zone and that the east police precinct was abandoned. He said crimes against people were up 525% at a total of 26 additional incidents in all, including two homicides before police reclaimed the zone.

“I was wondering what took so long,” said Seattle business owner and former City Council candidate Ari Hoffman.

He’s OK with Barr withholding millions in federal dollars from Seattle.

“What I’d like to see happen is the entire city council, and the mayor be held responsible for their actions. If that means losing federal funding, then they brought it on themselves.”

In a statement, Mayor Durkan called Barr’s move a “… gross misuse of federal power and blatantly unlawful.”

Jayapal sees President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign behind Barr’s announcement today.

“I’ve called for, or us to essentially look at his role as attorney general. Um, I believe that he deserves to be impeached.”

Jayapal indicates Barr is not likely to be impeached. But if Barr tries to withhold federal money from Seattle, there will likely be a swift lawsuit in response.