Seattle City Light pledges to eliminate backlogged billing issues

SEATTLE — Seattle City Light is apologizing for thousands of accounts that are backlogged with billing issues, and is pledging to eliminate the backlog by March 2018.

Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities says its new customer information system (NCIS), implemented in 2016, is one of the reasons for the billing delays.

Tonight on KIRO 7 at 6 p.m., Linzi Sheldon sits down with Seattle City Light's Director of Customer Care to find out how a backlog of 26,000 customer accounts occurred, and speaks to a customer who is demanding proof that City Light has fixed the error. Watch on-air or here

The new customer information system (NCIS) was also to blame for Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities sending out hundreds of letters in November of 2017, notifying customers of outstanding balances on their accounts. Click here to read more.

In addition to the new billing system, Seattle City Light also cites "unprecedented construction/new account growth", "limitations around use of temporary staff and overall hiring process", and the "loss of key senior leaders with significant experience" as some of the reasons for the billing backlog.

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