Seattle City Council to debate how to use extra money from soda tax

VIDEO: City Council trying to figure out how to spend extra money from soda tax

SEATTLE — Seattle's sugary drink tax is bringing in millions of dollars more than the city expected.

On Monday, the Seattle City Council will debate how to use the extra tax money.

The sugary drink tax, also known as the soda tax, is projected to bring in nearly $22 million a year – nearly $8 million more than first expected.

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The law passed last year requires that funding to be spent promoting health.

The council is now considering any human service that can fall under that label, allowing the money to be also spent in other departments, including affordable housing facilities that promote community health.

That would include programs like P-patches, healthcare clinics and early learning facilities.

The soda tax is a $1.75 cent per fluid ounce tax on sugary beverages, syrups and concentrates.

It was heavily debated, with many store owners saying it would cause their sales to drop.

The city is still studying that behavior among buyers.

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