Seattle beer named ‘Silence Breakers' in nod to #MeToo movement

A Seattle brewery released a limited-edition beer called “Silence Breaker” to recognize the rising #MeToo movement.

Cloudburst's limited IPA is a nod to Time Magazine naming the Silence Breakers of sexual assault their People of the Year.

For KIRO 7 live at 5 p.m., we take a tour of the facility and learn about the tribute beer. Watch on-air or here.

The brewer is doing a $1 for every pint sold in their taproom to the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. They offer treatment and services to victims and their families.

When the #MeToo hashtag first started trending in the wake of Harvey Weinstein allegations – calls to the center increased by 44 percent over the same period last year.

"There's also a group of people who are saying, 'This happened to me and for the first time, maybe I want to tell somebody about it," Stone told KIRO 7 in November.

According to Stone, hearing private accounts from very public figures is encouraging women and men to not only talk about what happened, but to also get help.

Which is why she believes so many people are calling KCSARC.

“If we can’t talk about it, we can’t stop it.”

Cloudburst’s IPA started getting traction on social media when they made the announcement about the beer on Tuesday.

The following restaurants and bars have signed up to carry the beer. They’ll also donate $1 per pint sold to the center.

•    Cloudburst Taproom
•    Chuck's Hop Shop Central District (with a special event on Wednesday night)
•    Watershed Pub & Kitchen
•    Beveridge Place Pub
•    Red Door
•    Peloton Seattle
•    Olaf's
•    Slow Boat Tavern
•    The Dray
•    The Brewmaster's Taproom
•    The 5 Point Café
•    Good Bar
•    Latona Pub
•    The Yard Café
As for the IPA: It's generously hopped with Mosaic pellets and cryo, along with a supporting cast of Cascade and Citra.

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