• Seahawks gear up for soaring Philadelphia Eagles

    By: David Solano


    The Seahawks have won their last three games against Philadelphia, but trying to grab a fourth straight will be challenging. 

    As Seattle sets its sights on getting back into the playoffs, the Seahawks are trying to keep their key players healthy right now

    The Seahawks listed safety Earl Thomas with a heel injury that kept him out of practice on Thursday. But the five-time Pro Bowler was back on the field Friday.  

    "He is fine. He is fine,” said Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. “He had something we just tended to yesterday. Sore foot and that was it. Not a big deal."


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    Carroll said Bobby Wagner will play on Sunday despite a hamstring injury that kept him out of practice on Wednesday and Thursday. Wagner said he's focusing on trying to stop Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

    "I would have to say that he [Wentz] does not like to slide,” said Wagner, a Seahawks linebacker. “I have seen a couple times him try and run somebody over, which I think not too many quarterbacks do that. I'm hoping he gives me an opportunity."

    Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said one of the biggest challenges is going up against Russell Wilson. Schwartz knows that Wilson has the ability to run backward and extend plays. 

    "I think that you have to be determined to get the first down, but you also have to be smart enough to not to try and take an unnecessary hit too,” said Wilson. “It all depends on the point of the game. Is it the first quarter, is it the last play of the game, all that kind of stuff."

    Wentz and Wilson are making football fans stand up and take notice this season.

    "I love what Carson Wentz is doing,” said Wilson. “I love watching him. I've gotten to know him a little bit when he played out here last time and stuff. He is playing great football right now, so it's fun to watch him."

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