Seafair 2017 coverage

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The Seafair hydroplane races, Blue Angels and the best parts of the Seafair weekend will be broadcast from 6:30-8 p.m. Sunday on KIRO 7.

The 90-minute special will capture the fun and excitement on Lake Washington from vantage points exclusive to KIRO 7.

PHOTOS: Seafair 2017: Log boom, hydros and air show

Seafair is tradition in homes and communities throughout the Puget Sound. And it has been tradition, too, here at KIRO 7. For 31 years, we have done something that few, if any, local TV stations around the country would try: 10 hours of live, continuous coverage on Seafair Sunday.  It's always a huge undertaking... and at the same time, it’s been a labor of love.

PHOTOS: 2017 Seattle Seafair Fleet Week

But just as Seafair evolved from the Aqua Follies and stage shows to dazzling fighter jets and wakeboard artistry, KIRO 7’s coverage is changing too.

PHOTOS: 2017 Blue Angels at Seafair Air Show

The reasons are complex but familiar: the cost of a full-day broadcast has gone up, just like the cost of living in Seattle. There’s been a drop in viewership. And, the audience is changing – people are on the go more than ever before and don’t have the time for 10 hours of viewing.

So with that in mind, KIRO will continue to be dedicated to showcasing the best Seafair traditions. But we’ll be bringing them to our viewers a little differently this year. We hope you watch with us.

VIDEO: Blue Angels crew includes Washington native

An extensive team of reporters will cover the biggest stories from all angles, including:

Gary Horcher will spend the day on the log boom getting the sights and sounds of boaters on the lake.

Amy Clancy will be on the shore and in the pits, covering the speed and excitement of the hydros and the wakeboard competition.

PHOTOS: Seafair Torchlight Parade 2017

Alison Grande will be focused skyward to cover the Blue Angels and their biggest fans in Seattle.

David Solano will be watching to see of Andrew Tate can defend his rookie win last year in the H1 Finals with J. Michael Kelly and Jimmy Shane hot on his heels.

VIDEO: KIRO 7 talks to defending Seafair hydroplane champ Andrew Tate

Steve Raible and Monique Ming Laven will be in the KIRO 7 Studios throughout the day following the action and preparing to deliver all of the highlights for viewers at 6:30pm

Watch all the coverage on the KIRO 7 News App, including the Seafair show that will be on KIRO 7 TV from 6:30-8 p.m.