Seabrook Foundation funds food, ventilators amid coronavirus crisis

SEABROOK, Wash. — From meals to masks, one small coastal community is going the extra mile to take care of their neighbors during the coronavirus crisis.

"The reaction has been 100% positive,” said Eric Duensing with Frontager's Pizza Company.

A free box of Frontager's pizza is supplying nourishment in many forms.

"We're in this together, take it one day at a time,” said Duensing.

It’s clear that Seabrook is stronger together, which is why the tight-knit beach town is banding together against COVID-19.

"There are a lot of people getting hit hard and our homeowners are just looking to each other and saying, ‘Hey, what can we do? How can we help these people?’" said Casey Roloff, Seabrook co-founder.

The Seabrook Community Foundation is spreading support across Grays Harbor County, which includes making sure people are well fed. The foundation is paying for the ingredients to make 4,000 Koko's Restaurant burritos and 1,600 pizzas from Frontager's Pizza Company, which they're giving out for free.

"We all donated money and donated our time, donated the truck, and we're giving out pizza to people in need,” said Duensing.

The Seabrook Community Foundation is donating close to $100,000 to help during the coronavirus crisis.

Money raised comes from the town's gross sales. Over the years, they've raised more than $3 million to support local charities.

"We're looking for opportunities to make the biggest impact with the foundation dollars,” said Roloff.

The goodwill doesn’t stop there. They're also helping local health care workers.

"Most of the time you only think about a hospital when you're sick, so to have people think, ‘How can we help out the facility? What do we need to do to get involved?’ is phenomenal,” said Tom Jensen, Grays Harbor Community Hospital CEO.

The foundation is working to get doctors and nurses at Grays Harbor Community Hospital 2,000 N95 masks. They’ve also donated closed to $55,000 to buy three new ventilators.

"Donations, like this, ventilators, COVID-19, it'll definitely save people's lives. There's no doubt about it,” said Jensen.

To further help the community, Seabrook is waiving April rent for its retail locations.

The Seabrook Community Foundation is also setting up loans for small businesses.