Road rage crash kills young woman

VIDEO: Troopers looking for driver in apparent road rage crash

An apparent road rage crash has taken the life of a young woman, and Washington State Patrol is asking for your help to find the driver who may have caused the crash.

The entire left side of the blue Jeep Liberty Taylor Hulsey, 20, was driving was smashed in.

Hulsey died in the crash.

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“Witnesses indicate it appeared this car was cut off,” said Sgt. Julie Fisher with Washington State Patrol. “We know they were interacting with one another and there was apparently a lane change that made this vehicle respond and that’s why it drove into the barrier.”

It happened on Northbound I-5 just after 2 a.m. Sunday near Roanoke Street.

The Jeep's passenger, Dominique Whitaker, 25, received minor injuries.

Whitaker told Washington State Patrol a red, four-door lifted Dodge pickup truck with tinted windows cut them off, causing Hulsey to lose control, careening into the center divider.

“We're looking for vehicles of that description,” Fisher said. “A lot of people travel through that area regularly, commuters, people who live around here. We're hoping or relying on witnesses or the driver to call in and give us more information."

Fisher said it's unclear if the red pickup truck will have any damage since the cars may not have hit each other. But she said the male driver of the pickup they're looking for, along with the truck's female passenger, are most likely aware a crash occurred.

“It's very serious,” Fisher said. “The families deserve closure. They deserve to know what happened and we need the facts.”

Hulsey leaves behind a 2-year-old son.