Road maintenance crews moving to 24/7 operations in Snohomish County

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — Snohomish County road maintenance crews are moving to 24/7 operations Sunday as snow continues to accumulate in western Washington.

Teams have plowed over 3,000 miles since Christmas morning and 300 tons of salt and sand mix have been applied to approximately 575 miles of roadways.

“We are uncertain how much snow we will get before the deep freeze so keeping roads clear and putting down traction is a priority,” said Public Works Director Kelly Snyder. “Crews are doing a great job keeping priority and secondary routes clear. With the potential of more snow, ice and gusty winds, we have three crews on standby and ready to assist road crews and the PUD as needed.”

Public Works says the prioritization of snow and ice routes is based on traffic volume, transit and school bus routes, terrain, and knowledge of problem areas.

Crews will continue to focus on plowing, sanding and deicing priority and secondary routes until conditions return to normal and temperatures rise in the area. Crews will begin making their way to tertiary streets once the snow stops.

Drivers are asked to check their travel routes before heading out during this snow and ice event.