Return of lowland snow possible next week

SEATTLE — If you thought lowland snow was over for the winter, you may want to think again.

If temperatures are low enough next week, snow could make another appearance in parts of Western Washington.

So don’t put away those snow boots yet — and maybe even your snow shovel — and stay tuned as the forecast becomes clearer.

Snow forecast

On Tuesday, temperatures will remain relatively mild through the morning hours and possibly even the afternoon, but the forecast data on Friday points to colder air flooding into the region on Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

Snow levels will likely fall below 500 feet by Tuesday evening, if not before.

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Then snow levels reach sea level into Tuesday night and Wednesday.

“(Currently,) the placement and amount of available moisture when temperatures are cold enough for lowland snow remain uncertain,” KIRO 7 Meteorologist Nick Allard said Friday.

That said, it appears there will be a window of opportunity later Tuesday into Wednesday for impactful lowland snow, at least in spots.

Where and how much snow could fall is still up in the air, but details will firm up closer to next week.