Representatives wary of Trump on Iran

VIDEO: Representatives wary of Trump on Iran

Speaking to the nation Wednesday, President Trump indicated the armed confrontation with Iran may be easing.

But the crisis that has brought America and Iran to the brink of war has made Democrats in Congress cautious and critical.

“I think the president today did communicate the United States’ willingness to gain the upper hand and show some restraint, which may give some breathing room to the situation that we have in the Gulf," said North Sound Congressman Rick Larsen.

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“The American people don’t want, and Congress has not authorized, war with Iran and I think all of us are very conscious of the decision that needs to be made to ensure the United States and its interests and its people are kept secure but that we are also making decisions that are smart," said Representative Derek Kilmer, who represents Tacoma and the Kitsap Peninsula.

Iranian-American Nilofar Ganjaie spoke at a demonstration in Seattle this past Saturday.

“Congress needs to swiftly pass a strong war powers resolution,” she urged.

Seattle Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal is one of the leaders of that effort in the House.

“The Congressional Progressive Caucus calls for an immediate deescalation. We are aware if we don’t do that, even more American lives are at risk."

And Senator Patty Murray is working on a war powers resolution in the Senate.

“This resolution would reassert Congressional authority, block President Trump’s ability to start a war with Iran and allow us to hear whatever case he may have before taking a vote on whether this is really the path we want our nation to go down.”