Report shows 90% of Washington state workers are vaccinated

New data from Washington’s Office of Financial Management (OFM) showed roughly 90% of state workers are vaccinated from COVID-19.

In early September, only half of all state workers were fully vaccinated.

As of Oct. 4, 89.53% had verified their vaccination status.

The OFM adjusted the headcount to show 91.87% had been vaccinated by reducing the total number of employees to reflect those who received approved accommodations.

The most recent report showed 4,849 requests were made for religious exemptions. Among them, 4,219 exemptions were approved, 184 were denied, 404 were withdrawn and 42 are still pending.

As for medical exemptions, there were 1,228 requests, among which 866 were approved, 29 were denied, 258 were withdrawn and there are 75 pending requests.

State agencies with the highest vaccine verification rates include:

● House Finance Commission - 100%

● Puget Sound Partnership - 100%

● Statistical Analysis Center - 100%

State agencies with the lowest vaccine verification rates include:

● Department of Veterans Affairs Soldiers - 67.04%

● Department of Veterans Affairs Walla Walla - 73.33%

● Department of Veterans Affairs Spokane - 73.58%

The Washington State Patrol had a verified vaccination rate of 89.90%.

Gov. Jay Inslee praised the high vaccination rates among state workers.

“These actions have saved lives, prevented hospitalizations and protected the health of vulnerable populations and the unvaccinated, like young children,” said Gov. Inslee. “The state has been diligent in its contingency planning for scenarios after the October 18 vaccination deadline. The sky-high vaccination rates we’re seeing should settle any concerns. There will not be massive disruptions in state services.”

State workers have until Oct. 18 to verify their vaccination status, but those whose exemption status was denied can have an additional 45 days of leave to get vaccinated.