• Report: Seattle sees lowest number of shots fired in 4 years

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    SEATTLE - According to a new report from the Seattle Police Department, the number of shots fired in Seattle dropped in 2018. 

    The department presented the report Wednesday to the Seattle City Council – saying 2018 saw 312 shootings in city limits last year. 

    “It was not a high year for people being killed. There were people hit and saved,” said Chris Fisher, the Executive Director of Strategy to the Chief of Police. 

    Thirteen of the shootings were fatal, and areas around the Central District and Rainier Beach saw the most shootings. 

    “Those hot spots would be pretty persistent: up and down MLK, along 23rd & Union,” Fisher said. 

    Officer-involved shootings were not included in the report. 

    Seattle police say 2019 is tracking along the same 2018 numbers. 

    “January of this year up-ticked a little bit and then came back down in February. I attribute a lot of that to the great work of the department, and I also say we had some really interesting weather in February,” Fisher said. 

    Seattle police also said they want to continue to engage neighborhood and youth groups to continue to further drive the number of shootings down.

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