• Report: Donald Trump cancels Seattle rally

    By: Essex Porter


    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to be in Seattle next Tuesday, but his plans for the visit may be changing.

    There were plans for both a private fundraiser and public rally, but a new report says Trump canceled the rally.

    That new report comes from the website of the Washington Post.

    Its Power Post blog reported that Trump's new campaign team had persuaded him to cancel the public rally, because there is no need to spend so much time in a state where Trump is 19 points behind according to a recent Elway Poll.          

    When Trump visited Lynden in May, there were thousands of supporters there to see him then and he promised to come back.

    But now there are just 75 days left until Election Day, and Wednesday's Washington Post story said his new campaign managers want to focus more of his time on states where the race is close and he can win.

    “He has to start banking his time and focusing his attention on just those areas that are going to be competitive. That's areas like Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina," Washington Post Deputy Political Editor Rebecca Sinderbrand said via Skype “Those are areas that are extremely tight. Washington State is not on that list.”

    “You have to stay tuned for changes, a lot of them are happening even very close to the event itself, even some organizers on the ground have been surprised," Sinderbrand said.           

    Trump's state chairman, state Sen. Don Benton, told us Wednesday the public rally is still on, but it might be smaller than he was originally planning. Benton says the plans will be posted on the Trump website in a couple of days when they are final.

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