Rep. Reichert calls for end to congressional investigations

VIDEO: Dave Reichert leaving office

Republican Congressman Dave Reichert said today it's time for Congress to stop all investigations and focus on solving the issues facing the country.

Reichert was first elected to Congress in 2004. He leaves at the end of this term after 14 years.

“I'll miss, I think, there is an ability here to bring to a certain degree some sanity,” he said in an interview with KIRO-7 Washington, D.C., bureau’s Dorey Scheimer.

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Reichert told us he is most proud of passing a federal law to help foster children, of his work to promote trade, and being part of the effort to add 22,000 acres to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

But Reichert is clearly frustrated with the partisan gridlock that keeps Congress from making progress on the biggest issues facing the country.

“I think people are just sick and tired of this crap. I want people here and I believe in my district want members of Congress to focus on doing their damn job,” Reichert said.

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So, on the same day Trump-Russia investigation saw the president's former personal lawyer sentenced to 3 years in prison, former King County Sheriff Dave Reichert wants Congress to leave the investigations to law enforcement.

“I would end every investigation right now from Congress' point of view. Let the law enforcement agencies conduct their investigations. We have to trust them to do that.”

He says Congress should work on immigration, transportation infrastructure and trade policy instead.

“Sit down like adults and figure out a path forward. For the good of the American people for crying out loud,” Reichert said.

Reichert spent 33 years in the sheriff's office. Much of it working to solve the case of the Green River serial killer. His next job will be keeping others from becoming victims.

“I'm hoping that I can be involved some way in touching the lives of young people who are being lured into human trafficking and drug abuse, gangs.”

Reichert plans to share more details about his plans at the beginning of the year.