Renton police warning people of girl who stole car, tells residents she needs phone charger

RENTON, Wash. — Renton police are warning residents to keep an eye out for a girl, possibly a pre-teen, who’s been getting residents to let her inside their homes, and then robbing them.

Police said she even managed to steal a car.

Investigators believe the girl is around 12 to 14 years old.

She allegedly approached three separate units at Benson Condos, each time asking if she could come inside to charge her phone. When the residents were distracted, police said she stole car keys and other belongings inside.

“I wouldn’t allow it because anyone can, you know, somebody could frame up stories against you,” said Benson Condos resident Ikechukuu Nwolisa. “I’m a father of four. I’m taking care of them. If anything happens to me, they’re gonna suffer.”

Police believe the same girl also went to two houses and did the same thing, just about half a mile down the road.

We’re told she has been targeting the south end of Renton but police said she could be anywhere. And they’re not sure if she’s working alone, or with someone.