Renton father described as 'volatile' accused of killing daughter

RENTON, Wash. — A woman killed, her father, the alleged gunman. And police say he put his grandchild in harm's way.

Family members say the Renton man was troubled and detectives say he confessed to shooting his own daughter.

This was 68-year-old Wendell Wilson, moments after he was taken into custody outside the Brighton Apartments where he lived.

"The suspect himself called 911 to report the crime," said Renton police Cmdr. Dave Leibman. "Yes, he did."

He was asked what Wilson said.

"He said that he had shot somebody."

The "somebody" Wilson said he had shot was his own daughter, identified by family members as Lila C. Wilson. He was allegedly holding his grandson as he pulled the trigger inside the unit where they lived.

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Leibman said when officers arrived, Wilson was "completely cooperative."

He said he was not argumentative.

"No, he was very forthright with what he did and reasonably calm, very compliant," said Leibman.

But neighbors and family members say that Wilson was quick to get angry even over minor issues.

"He would go off, that's how we would say it," said his brother, Brian, by telephone from Colorado.

Still he was surprised by the shooting.

"That would be correct," he said.

He says Wilson's daughter and grandson moved in with him because they had no place else to go. That decision ended in tragedy for her and her 14-month-old son.

The little boy was placed in the custody of his father.

As for Wendell Wilson, he was a no show for his court hearing Tuesday. But the judge set his bail at $1 million.

Prosecutors have until Thursday to file charges.